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The Marvelous Wonderettes
Roger Bean


"Also deserving of special mention is the costume and set design ...

The set is key to setting the proper mood. It perfecting captures the feel of a high school gym trying to pretend to be glamorous for prom/reunion night. I was particularly impressed by and prone to chuckle at, the half-covered basketball hoop.

Both set and costume design are the work of Jessica Oostergo, who clearly knew what she wanted this production to look like, and brought it decisively to life."


-Andrea Rondeau, Cowichan Valley Citizen

Chemainus Theatre Festival, 2020

Creative Team:

Director: Julie Tomaino

Set and Costume Designer: Jessica Oostergo

Lighting Designer: Nicole Lamb

Musical Director: Christopher King
Stage Manager: Koh Lauren Quan

Assistant Stage Manager: Zoe Bellis

Photos:  Ben Burrows




Ali Watson

Julia Ullrich

Makayla Moore

Alison MacDonald

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