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The Father
Florian Zeller


"Clothed by costumer Jessica Oostergo, the characters are so handsomely Parisian I’d almost be willing to lose my marbles to get my hands on their wardrobes: Anne’s tailored trousers, her husband’s double-strapped shoes. Even André’s grey-and-white pyjamas are classically tasteful"

-Colin Thomas

The Search Party, 2019

Creative Team:

Director: Mindy Parfitt

Set Designer: Amir Ofek

Costume Designer: Jessica Oostergo

Costume Assistant: Aidan Hammond

Lighting Designer: Itai Erdal

Sound Composition: Owen Belton
Stage Manager: Rebecca Mulvihill

Photos:  Tim Matheson




Kevin McNulty

Jillian Fargey

Steven Lobo

Agnes Tong

Emma Slipp

Kayvon Khoshkam.

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