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Mother of the Maid
Jane Anderson


 "Stephanie Kong’s and Jessica Oostergo’s detailed, layered, period-perfect costumes highlighted the passage of time, and rounded out the characters, where the writing did not."

-Jessica Cymerman, MyVanCity

Pacific Theatre, 2019

Creative Team:

Director: Kaitlin Williams

Assistant Director: Nicola Shannon 

Set Designer: Carolyn Rapanos

Costume Designers: Stephanie Kong and Jessica Oostergo

Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim

Sound Designer: Mary Jane Pacquette

Props Masters: Monica Emme, Ariel Slack
Stage Manager: Susan Miyagishima

Photos:  Jalen Laine Photography




Shona Struthers

Anita Wittenberg

AJ Simmons

Raes Calvert

Ian Butcher

Richard Newman

Chantal Gallant.

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