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Morag You're A Long Time Deid
Claire Love Wilson & Peter Lorenz


Russian Hall, 2022

Produced by Claire Love Wilson & Peter Lorenz
In Association with Touchstone Theatre and co-presented by the frank theatre company

Original Story & Concept by Claire Love Wilson
Written by Claire Love Wilson & Peter Lorenz

Performed by Claire Love Wilson, Steve Charles, Rob Thomson, Sally Zori & Dennis Joseph

Directed by Peter Lorenz
Dramaturgy by Daniela Atiencia


Musical Direction by Sally Zori
Sound Design by Rob Thomson & Nicole Lamb
Composition & Arrangements by Claire Love Wilson & Rory Comerford
Cultural Protocol and Consultation by Dennis Joseph
Set & Lighting Design by Wladimiro A. Woyno R.
Costume Design by Jessica Oostergo
Production Management/Technical Direction by Nicole Lamb
Stage Management by Elsa Orme
Communications Management by Anahita Monfared
Front of House Management, Sponsorships & Communications by AJ Simmons
Box Office Management & Photography by Pedro Augusto Meza
Videography by Christian Yves Jones
Accessibility Coordination by Anika Vervecken
Sound Operation & Live Mix by Kezi Jacob
Light Operation by Jack Chipman
Production Assistance by Joy Wu
Set Assistance by Jela Ahn

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